Canal and Narrow Boat Interior Layout Designer

Create A Canal Boat Interior Layout Plan Easily In Minutes

Canal and Narrow Boat Interior Layout Designer Software Virtual Perspective have developed a Narrow/Canal Boat interior layout design application that will enable you create and plan the inside layout of *any size of boat in minutes.
The software can be configured quickly and is then accessed via the internet using the standard internet browsers. It enables the user to specify the length of the Canal boat that they will be working with from a full range on lengths and then presents a full range of fixtures, fittings and furniture objects which can then be positioned using your computers mouse in an empty shell and saved for printing and distribution instantly.
The image below is a sample narrow boat layout that was created for a 35ft long boat. It includes a kitchen area, shower/toilet room, doube bedroom, various storage spaces, door locations and also shows the location of the engine. Each final layout is saved after the design process with an embedded name and copyright notice.
35ft Canal Boat Interior Layout Sample
The software, once licensed accordingly can be accessed from any location and unlimited layouts can be created, updated, stored and deleted from within the system.
Please contact us for further information and to discuss the licensing options and prices.
Example Boat Interior Layouts
Updated: 27/10/2008